Identification of plastic bags is nontoxic methods

  Now, Ziplock bags instead of plastic bags before, its range of application is very extensive, especially for food packaging zipper bag, but also brought to our attention. Ziplock bag is made of two types of plastic film: one is made of polyethylene film, the film toxic, it can be used to hold food. Other films are made from polyvinyl chloride, PVC itself is also non-toxic, but according to the film's use of additives is often joined by harmful substances, have some toxicity. This type of film and the film bags should not be used for holding food. Following methods can identify Ziplock bag is nontoxic.

  Water detection method: place the Ziplock bag in the water, nontoxic after bag into the water, surfaced, and toxic bag is not to float;

Hand method: touch the surface of the bag, lubrication of toxic, or noxious;

Jitter detection method: grasp the Ziplock bag with the hand end, toss, tinkling sound of nontoxic, but toxic;

Fire detection method: you can cut one side of the bag, with fire, toxic and nonflammable, nontoxic, fire burns easily.