PE plastic bag production process

  Ziplock bag with its low price, convenient packaging, the market has been favored. We are in the supermarket or factory bags common to, or to the class, but if the production? Not too many people know, I'm afraid, introduced the following simple. Zipper bag blowing film machine production process and production principle: polyethylene particles under dry Hopper, by weight of the particles themselves from the hopper into the screw, when granular material and thread after contact with oblique edges, rotate the oblique face of plastic and helical ribs surface perpendicular to the thrust, the plastic particles onward.

  Over in the process, because the plastic screw, plastic and friction between the barrel and the collision friction between particles while gradually dissolved due to barrel external heating. Molten plastic nose filters out impurities from the die the die, cooling air ring, blowing through plates, traction roll, coil finished film rolled into a tube. Use and characteristics of the devices using dual frequency, you can save energy, native extruder barrel, screw are made of high quality alloy steel, nitriding and tight precision machining, with the best hardness and corrosion resistance, specially designed screw high yield, plastic good. Suitable for blowing low-density polyethylene, linear low density polyethylene plastic film, widely used in food, clothing, garbage bags, Ziplock bags, such as civil and industrial packaging.

  Low pressure polyethylene and linear low density polyethylene is the mass production of new PE varieties in recent years on the international market. Because of its excellent impact strength, puncture resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance, low temperature resistance properties, in particular, small film. The use of low cost, large Ziplock bag production. Can blow business low voltage, high pressure, linear low density three species polyethylene film self-styled bags, not only adapted they of new material blow film, also applies Yu they of regeneration plastic blow film, performance stable, quality reliable, used special structure of spiral Rod extrusion machine, advanced of spiral die head, regulation flexible of cooling wind ring, reasonable of Aperture type stability bubble structure, to guarantee Shang three species polyethylene and the different proportion of mixed plastic of uniform.