Ziplock bag of ice effect

  Because the surface of the skin or subcutaneous hemorrhage, with bleeding apply ice bags, helps blood clot. Conducive to self-sealing plastic bags leak-proof characteristics of density, so seal a Ziplock plastic bag filled with ice, wrapped in a towel, then put stockings or scarves Central, tied at both ends, that is, "simple icing bag". Can be used to treat: bleeding, nosebleeds, trauma first aid is very effective.

1, suffering from excessive nosebleed, Ziplock bag filled with ice compress on the forehead, to stop the bleeding.

2, developed itching, susceptible to infection with their fingers, and scratch the itch, as with "ice" ice, itching can be completely eliminated.

3, arthritis patients, use "ice" wrapped around the knee, 3 times a day for 20 minutes. 4 weeks will alleviate the condition, but not a cure.

4, patients with stiff neck, use "simple ice pack" compress the affected area to promote friction, 1-2 times a day, every quarter of an hour, several times more.

5, a toothache will be "simple icing bag" reset "hegu" point (that is, "the Lions"), pain on the left side right side pain in right side of the left, generally with the Ziplock bag containing ice 5-10 minutes, which can relieve pain for more than 2 hours. Case of a toothache caused by dental caries may 1 grain of pepper into the cavity, then ice pain relief, but not a cure.

6, sprain, Ziplock bag within 24 hours after making "simple ice packs" apply to the affected area, detumescence, conducive to rehabilitation as soon as possible.