Ziplock bag recycling value

A Ziplock bag as plastic bags, which itself can be recycled, recycling both from an economic perspective, or from the perspective of environmental protection, it is necessary, we analyze below:

First self-styled bags products recycling regeneration Hou, actually can preparation many products, as garbage bags, plastic products box, and barrels, and tube, plastic products stool, and Chair, decorative Board, and article,, some also can through modified sex making plastic products "alloy" products, its performance even some over the resin of original of some physical performance, actually as long as not involved food health and some special index of plastic self-styled bags, are can also inevitable of with to has regeneration plastic products particles.

Ziplock bags of recycling should be face up to the issue, reviewing the progress of polymer materials science and engineering, its development is gratifying. Now plastic products in the world with an annual output of over 100 million tons in volume terms yield higher than steel.

Faced with such a massive production of polymer products, in the excitement is worrying, behind high yield means there will be large amounts of polymer waste, because in the end of polymer materials is set to under aging and difficult to break down completely "intransigence" in one.

Statistics show that, after a certain usage period, old Ziplock bag at about a third of its products yield of 70% that year, cumulative and year by year, if not effectively recycling policy, large amounts of polymer waste will one day be a serious deterioration in the natural environment, the destruction of plant growth, jeopardising the planet's ecology.

"Polymer waste" is essentially a valuable human resource, "waste" were not eliminated, only misplaced wealth! To sum up, recycle waste Ziplock bag work has urgent and comprehensive development. Some industrial countries give particular attention to, take it as preventing environmental pollution and two planning objectives of the development of renewable resources. There is no doubt that humans have limited resources and unlimited creativity, "making the best use of" philosophic word of this is, of course, be awake!