Disposable Plastic/Polyethylene/Poly/HDPE/LDPE/EVA/PE Veterinary Gloves with Long Sleeves for Animals

Disposable Plastic/Polyethylene/Poly/HDPE/LDPE/EVA/PE Veterinary Gloves with Long Sleeves for Animals Basic Info

  • Model NO.: WH - GLV

  • Destination: Medical,Pharmaceutical, Laboratorial, Hygienic Use

  • Thickness(Mm): 0.012mm, 0.018mm, 0.023mm, 0.025mm, 0.03mm, 0.04mm

  • Surface: Polyethylene Sheet with Smooth or Embossed Surface

  • Pe Gloves Available: PE Long Sleeve Animal Glove, EVA Veterinary Gloves

  • Size(Cm): 50X30cm, 90X23cm, 90X25cm or in Length 32" & 36"

  • Origin: China

  • Type: Examination Gloves

  • Pe Gloves Composition: Eco-Friendly PE, LDPE, HDPE, PVC, CPE, EVA, PEVA

  • Grams/PC: 5.5g., 6g, 6.85g, 7g., 8g., 8.3G, 8.5g., 9g., 11g.

  • Style: Normal Packing in White or Color Boxes or in Bags

  • Features: with Ambidextrous, Flexible, Tough Quality

  • Pe Gloves Colour: White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Brown, etc.

  • Specification: CE, ISO 9001

  • Pe Gloves HS Code: 39262019

Disposable Plastic/Polyethylene/Poly/HDPE/LDPE/EVA/PE Veterinary Gloves with Long Sleeves for Animals Product Description

Destination: Barrier protection for food processing and handling, manufacturing, farming, painting, gardening, household cleaning, cooking, medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, protective, laboratorial, catering and industrial sectors. It is good for workers in hospitals, clinics, electronic workplaces, restaurants, hotels, catering, kitchens, food processing workshops
Composition: LDPE gloves is short for gloves made of low-density polyethylene. HDPE gloves is short for gloves made of high-density polyethylene. Generally they are called disposable plastic gloves, or simply PE gloves. For the present HDPE gloves are cheaper. Whereas LDPE gloves are better in quality. Pure or recircled materials are available. CPE gloves, made of chlorinated polyethylene, is good in quality which is tough, flexible, smooth inside, easy to slip on and off, ambidextrous to fit either hand, comfortable and soft like the natural skin feeling. They are an economical replacement for latex gloves, and an ideal choice when you need much better gloves than PE gloves.
Description: Thickness 0.01mm - 0.025mm films with embossed and smooth surface in sizes small, medium, large or X large available at the buyers' options. Usually you can get colours in white, blue, pink, brown, green, yellow, red, etc for disposable PE gloves.
Feature: It is economic, convenient, waterproof, oil-proof for multiple usages in kitchen, hospital, hotel, barbershop, beauty salon, working plant, electronic workshop, labs, theatres, etc to protect you from dust, oil, chemicals and water.
Thinckness: 0.01mm, 0.012mm, 0.0125mm, 0.013mm, 0.015mm, 0.016mm, 0.018mm, 0.023mm, 0.025mm(approximately).
Grams: 0.6g., 0.65g., 0.7g., 0.75g., 0.77g., 0.79g., 0.8g., 0.85g., 0.9g., 0.95g., 1.0g., 1.1g., 1.2g., 1.25g., 1.3g., 1.35g., 1.5g., 1.7g., 2.3g., 2.5g. (approximately).
Specifications: Small: 27x24; Medium: 28x24cm, 29x23cm; Large: 28.5x24cm, 29x24cm, 30x24cm, 30x24.5cm; Extra Large: 29x25.5cm, 29x26cm, 30x25cm, 36x28cm
Packaging: 100 pieces per poly bag, 100 poly bags(10, 000 pieces) per master carton
Available: Disposable PE veterinary gloves, disposable plastic veterinary gloves, disposable poly veterinary gloves, disposable LDPE veterinary gloves, disposable HDPE veterinary gloves, disposable EVA veterinary gloves, disposable long sleeve gloves, CPE veterinary gloves, disposable CPE veterinary gloves, animal gloves, polyethylene veterinary gloves, polyethene veterinary gloves, polythene veterinary gloves, etc.