Disposable Plastic Surgical Gloves with Eo Sterilized

Disposable Plastic Surgical Gloves with Eo Sterilized Basic Info

  • Model NO.: TH01P

  • Name: Disposable Plastic Surgical Gloves with Eo Sterili

  • Regular Weight: 1g/PC

  • Certificated: CE and ISO13485

  • Pe Gloves Feature: Disposable

  • Making Process: Machine

  • Bag Variety: Gloves

  • Pe Gloves Specification: CE AND ISO13485

  • HS Code: 3926909090

  • Material: PE

  • Regular Material: Plastic PE

  • Pe Gloves Regular Color: White, Blue, Green

  • Application: Food, Household

  • Shape: Gloves

Disposable Plastic Surgical Gloves with Eo Sterilized Product Description

Material: Made by Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) or High-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric.
Feature: Light,breatheable dustproof and waterproof.
Function: Suited to food processing,restaurant and hygienic applications & daily use.
Sanitation and quality in accordance with the CE & ISO 13485 standards
Different weight and thickness are available!

Disposable Plastic Surgical Gloves with Eo Sterilized Other Products We Sell:
1. Cap:
   1.1. Bouffant cap
   1.2. Doctor cap:(surgical cap with tie/surgical cap with elastic)
   1.3. Strip cap
   1.4. Space cap
   1.5. Peak cap
   1.6. Round cap with fringe
   1.7. Shower cap(PE)
2. Body wear:
   2.1. PP/CPE Isolation gown :(With Knitted cuff/Elastic cuff)
   2.2. Surgical gown:(Sterile/Non-sterile)
   2.3. Lab coat:(PP/SMS)
   2.4. Coverall: (PP/SMS/PP+PE)
   2.5. Scrub suit:(PP/SMS)
   2.6. Sauna suit:(PP/SMS)
   2.7. Patient gown
   2.8. Pants:(Man/Woman)
   2.9. Brief:(Man/Woman)
3. Shoe cover/Boot Cover:
   3.1. Non-woven shoe cover/boot cover
   3.2. Non-shid shoe cover/boot cover
   3.3. PE shoe cover/boot cover
   3.4. CPE shoe cover/boot cover
4. Face mask:
   4.1. Face mask with ear loops:(1ply/2ply/3ply/4ply)
   4.2. Face mask with ties:(1ply/2ply/3ply/4ply)
   4.3. Active carbon face mask:(3ply/4ply)
   4.4. Face mask with eye shield:(3ply/4ply)
   4.5. Dust mask:(120g/140g/160g/180g)
   4.6. Paper mask:(1ply/2ply)
5. Other Main Products:
   5.1. Gloves( HDPE/LDPE/CPE/TPE)   
   5.2. Apron:(Non-woven apron/PE apron)
   5.3. Sleeve cover:(Non-woven sleeve cover/PE sleeve cover)
   5.4. Bed cover/Bed Sheet
   5.5. PE hair-cut cape
   5.6. PE ear cover
   5.7. PE raincoat/poncho
   5.8. Wipe cloth/surgical dressing 
   5.9. Pillow case
   5.10 Clear face mask   

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