Domestic Problems In Packaging Design

Nearly 20 years ago, zipper bag packaging design in China has made great progress, every year China has more of the packaging world Star Award for star of the countries over the world for statistical analysis, China's winning number will be near the top. However this does not mean that the Chinese package design has reached a very high level. In fact, the zipper bag packaging design in China there are a lot of misunderstandings, there are too many problems on the national packaging competition.

Ziplock bag packaging design, China first heavy flat-light structure. Packaging design in China mostly graphic designers lone individual acts, and the graphic designer is mostly fine arts background, lack of understanding of packaging structure and material, even for some commonsense knowledge is lacking. Many award-winning packaging design is very unreasonable.

Secondly, Ziplock bag of excessive luxury, in pursuit of the appearance of exquisite, heavy use of unnecessary decoration, such as gold foil printing, color printing, and so on. China's tobacco, alcohol, and even ice cream can be said to be the world's most extravagant packaging, it is not necessary again, evaluation of various types of packaging in China, very few technical experts, few awards because of the structure. This from a Ziplock bag packaging design, China contributed to the lopsided nature.

China's packaging design is necessary to reflect on what is a good package, Ziplock bag source of green package to packaging design, rather than a business tool to earn money.