Identify Plastic Bags Between True And False

1. water test method: non-woven bag in water, and press into the water, nontoxic small proportion non-reusable bags can be surfaced, toxic non-woven bag large, sunk.

2. fire detection: nontoxic polyethylene non-woven bag of flammable, flame is blue, yellow at the top, and burn like the candle tears dripping, paraffin smell, smoke less; not flammable toxic PVC non-woven bag, away from the fire that was put out, flames are yellow and green at the bottom, can soften drawing, pungent smell of hydrochloric acid.

3. the method of jitter testing: catch non-woven bag end by hand shake, tinkling sound of nontoxic; sound stuffy and touching are toxic.

4. sensory detection: non toxic non-bag is milky white, translucent, colorless or transparent, flexible and feels lubrication, surface seems to be wax cloudy or yellow color of non-toxic environmental protection bags, feel sticky.