Packing Recycling Abroad

First European Germany enacted the packaging regulations, and come into effect 91, by the relevant manufacturers and distributors to establish a "zipper bag packaging waste disposal system", this system runs whose results are obvious. Packaging material consumption is reduced from 91 to 95 about 10%, 91 years ago, however, consumption has been rising. Meanwhile, the waste valve bag packaging recycling has also been greatly improved.

Abandoned after separation, the Ziplock bags, namely granulation recycled plastic products as raw materials, mixed plastic waste used as a reducing agent in blast furnace. Germany's packaging Ordinance was substantially amended the 98, expressly provides as follows:

1, priority control source > >;

2, recognition of heat recovery included within the recycling of plastics;

3, from 99 in plastics recycling rates above 60%;

4, material recycling rate of 60%.

Japan had also developed in 95 and the packaging recycling law, 97 to implement iron, aluminum cans, glass bottles, Ziplock bags, PET bottle recycling. In April 2000, extended to all containers include cardboard boxes and other paper, and other kinds of plastic containers. Plastic packaging recycling law requires commercial, main methods of plastics recycling, recycling of PET bottles recycling and food meal boxes recycling has been implemented. In addition, the use of chemical method recovery through high-temperature thermal decomposition of waste plastics, broken down into oil and gas as a chemical feedstock or fuel, 96 built device, can be directly used as a reducing agent in blast furnace, used as a substitute for carbon in coke oven setting device is also under construction.

Netherlands-related organization is staffed by 200 packing company, including zipper bag packaging materials production, sales and recycling sectors. United Kingdom 93 28 packaging manufacturers production and sales companies responsible industrial group. Thanks to these organizations establish and improve the recycling system.