PE Bag Industry Supply And Demand Analysis

PE bag industry supply and demand situation and reason of the change:

(1) PE bag of tight supply, high concentration

In recent years, the global PV market showed rapid growth, along with rapid growth in demand for PE bags. In China cannot be prior to mass production, PV module manufacturers in the country depends on imports.

In recent years, the domestic enterprises, including the company, through independent research or technical cooperation and other means, EVA rubber membrane was solved problems such as anti-aging, light transmission rate, realize the localization of EVA film. In the domestic market, domestic EVA film started to replace foreign imports, domestic enterprises of EVA film production capacity remains limited; in addition, cases of equal quality, made in EVA film lower prices than foreign products, so EVA film supply, especially in the domestic market has been tight.

Worldwide at present, PE bags of supplies by the United States, and Japan, China, Germany four leading major manufacturers: United States WINS State (STR), foster, Japan chemical Mitsui (Mitsui Chemicals Fabro), Bridgestone (Bridgestone), Sanvic, water retention (Sekisui), Germany (Etimex). After years of independent research and development, foster has fully mastered the technique of EVA film, adhesive strength, UV resistance strength, shrinkage and other technical indicators have reached the customer requirements. PV module capacity based fast growing domestic EVA film and a higher price, domestic PV module manufacturers increasingly Select company of EVA film.

(2) PE bag demand growth, downstream customers gradually to the Asian focus

As solar modules that encapsulate specialized material, PE bags, power generation efficiency of PV modules, life plays a key role. With the rise of PV installed capacity market demand in recent years, PE bag market demand increased significantly. After the 2007 China has become the world's largest producers of photovoltaic modules, demand in China had become the world's largest country and maintained ever since. 2010 global PV cell production in the top ten in China (including Taiwan) Enterprise holds six seats, European and American enterprises only have a list (data source: PhotonInternational,2011 3rd year), EVA film clients are increasingly concentrated in Asia.

Despite the large PV module production in our country at present, but the actual installation is very small, the production of PV modules are mainly exported to foreign markets, so EVA film at home mainly exported indirectly through the domestic PV module, a small number of products are exported directly. In addition, the number of domestic small PV companies more, so with EVA film supplies market is different, PE bag demand at home and abroad customers's concentration is very low.