PE Bags What To Test

PE bag in our daily use, but how did we get to the detection of PE bags? Here we share experiences:

First of all see if the print is fading; static function, sealing features, open specification function, bone-mouth opening and closing (5) suitability of smooth, displacement-free, elastic. Then there is the identification, inspection can be divided into the following 3 points:

First, sampling inspection: drawn from a batch of products to all individual parts of individual identification, and according to the sample survey results to determine the eligibility of bulk products activity, is a typical calculation trodding on the job.

Applies to the following cases: 1, on the feature identification for destructive experiments; 2, lot size is too large, not conduct a full inspection; 3, needs a longer inspection time and higher inspection costs; 4, allow a certain degree of defect exists.

Terminology relating to sampling inspection:

1, the identification batch: products gathered together as the same tests on target; typically, a production grant is a check batch. Can be produced in a batch of dividend a number of identification, however, an inspection cannot include more than one production batch, or combination of identification.

2, lot size: units that are contained in the batch number;

Number 3, sample: quantity of product from the batch;

4, the number of unqualified judge (Re): abbreviation for Refuse, reject;

Number 5, judgement (Ac): abbreviation for Accept, namely the accreditation or acceptance;

6, the acceptable quality level (AQL): abbreviation for Acceptable Quality Level. Normally, the unqualified product rate is acceptable.

Full inspection (inspection): submission of PE bags product or materials to inspection inspection approach without losing the most.

Applies to the following conditions:

1, small batch identification simple and low cost;

2, the product must be qualified;

3, if you have a small number of unqualified, may cause this product to produce a lethal effect.

4, samples are usually demand full inspection.