PE Fresh-keeping Storage

Stored not in a warehouse is not necessarily reserve elements, but in any location, there may never be able to enter the areas of production and consumption. But in the General case, storage, storage is not made a distinction between the two concepts.

In food stores, or when some needed fresh product storage, will use a Ziplock bag or plastic wrap, generally pay attention to temperature, food and water (humidity). Store in a cool and dry place that wraps the closely (To Avoid Tainting) on the refrigerator. Must pay attention to the expiration, and according to the instructions stored. Fight other food microbiology, pest infection, also want to control waters scattered, soggy food, careful not to let the food wet vacuum sealed method is to make the food under vacuum State, without contact with microorganisms in the air. for sealing a method of preserving food, such as canned products, such as vacuum packaging products. This method is applicable to a variety of food preservation.

。 Storage is a very delicate work, because a stored procedure directly affects the quality of storage because storage refers to the accumulation of preservation, saved a large number of items when there will be some damage.