Plastic Bag Storage Of Fruits

Storage of vegetables and fruit in a plastic bag, is a scientific preservation method is commonly used by people in the winter. Its principle is to reduce the concentrations of oxygen, increased the concentration of carbon dioxide, making fruits and vegetables in a dormant state, extend the storage period. However, the storage time can not be too long.

Because fruits and vegetables as organic food, with high water content (60%--95%), and contains water soluble nutrients and enzymes. During the whole storage period into line with a lot of respiratory activity. In normal circumstances, each 10 degree Celsius rise, respiration increases 1 time, under aerobic conditions, the sugars in the fruit and vegetable or other organic matter decomposition to produce carbon dioxide and water, and produce a lot of familiar; in dietary deficiency conditions, sugar cannot be oxidized but decomposition produce alcohol, carbon dioxide and a small amount of heat released.

However, the carbon dioxide concentration cannot rise indefinitely, but to improve the 10%. Drop in oxygen concentrations not exceeding 5% or fruit thinning on life activity of hypoxia in order to obtain an adequate energy, it is necessary to break down more nutrients. Meanwhile, alcohol due to anaerobic respiration in the Guo Shu, causes fruit thinning rotten, so put in plastic bags of fruit and vegetable storage time should not be too long.

To put it in a plastic bag for storage of fruits and vegetables, so you don't bother to open plastic bags every two or three days, releasing carbon dioxide and heat, and then wear a mouth, this will reduce the incidence of decay.