What Is A PE Membrane?

PE films are made of LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE to the substrate, special resins, through special additives and processed. Can be made into high and low pressure PE film. Has a very good, high strength, good printing, good sealing, and tasteless, odorless, in line with food hygiene requirements. PE film's biggest advantages of protected products during production and processing, transportation, storage and use of the process from pollution, corrosion, scratches and protect original, smooth and glossy surface. Specifications for various models of high and low pressure PE bags, Ziplock bags.

Physical characteristics: ① width: 100-3000mm II thickness: 0.006-0.50mm tensile strength of 30mpa ③ ④ elongation ≥ 100%

Difference between materials and production processes

PP: polypropylene, and according to different processing methods, into blowing membrane production of IPP peace film CPP film and after stretching to obtain high strength, high transparency of OPP film. PE is polyethylene.

Obviously different materials

PE: the material is relatively soft, but other high transparency, Mongolia. Tensile! not cracking! PP material: material is hard, high transparency, clearer, tension is not very good! Explosive mouth!

PO: the material more brittle, transparency is not high enough, cast than the PE material, a little white, tension is not very good. OPP: crisp, transparent, pull enough, but the most explosive. And printing the most easily discolored.

PVC material: material has both soft and hard, according to required for guests to order materials, transparency can also be required according to, because there are super transparent material, ordinary and scrub materials, tensile, not prone to tearing, and it is not explosive, as is the beer machine in between the two layers of material together.