Ziplock Bags And Other Composite Coating Technology

Ziplock bag and make the coating compound machining method, is the polymer cladding materials (thermoplastic plastic materials commonly used as cladding materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, Propylene-ethylene copolymer) after heating and melting of plastic extrusion machine, die coating to the surface of the substrate to form a composite. Commonly used base material a lot, such as paper, cardboard, aluminum foil bags, cellophane, stretch polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, etc.

And extrusion compound process similar to extruders with single channel single die extrusion material, or single extrusion coating process, the resulting single layer cladding materials for; if multiple streams for extruder die, and out of a variety of materials, the coextrusion coating process, the resulting cladding materials for multilayer. Extrusion coating and laminating equipment, mainly by the extruder, die, cooling roll and pinch rollers and other components, there is also volume section, coiling section, cutting edge devices and other auxiliary devices.

Extrusion coating composite technology, polymer coatings and Ziplock bag between the substrate is physically or chemically combined. For porous structure of a substrate such as paper, the combination is physically, coated with polymer coating into the pore to form a continuous film; cellophane, plastic, Ziplock bag and other smooth surfaces of the substrate, in front of the compound often used sticky agents or methods such as ultraviolet irradiation treatment, to improve the film's complex stretch. Coating technology of high and low, really affect product quality, retailers use Ziplock bag, nylon vacuum bag and other such products, please use the manufacturer of quality assurance.