Classification and application of industrial tapes

Packing: sealed with adhesive tape, printed tape, stationery tape, double sided tape, embroidery rubber, textured rubber, sponge rubber, leather glue, duct glue Zebra, electrical, such as plastic. PE, PVC protection film, static film (furniture, metal, glass, aluminum and other surface protection) PVC, POF, PET environmental contract. PE, PP, PO plastic bags. PP, PET strapping band (printing, machine, hand). Strap. grass ball (bread). wire film, stretch film (transparent, black, machine, hand). Pearl cotton and bubble bags.

Special adhesive tape: high temperature adhesive tape, Goldfinger, fibre tape, acetate tape, foil tape, transfer tape, 3M tape, Nitto, Sony, FK tape, no time-consuming tape, etc.

, Electrical tape

Soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film as base material, UL for the rubber-coated pressure sensitive adhesive manufacturing, and has good insulation properties, fire resistance, voltage, cold properties, suitable for Automotive wire harness, wire winding and insulation protection, degaussing coil, communications wiring.

Second, industrial tape

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film as base material, manufactured by special rubber-coated pressure sensitive adhesives, printing tape has good around, acid and alkali resistance, good abrasion resistance, oil resistance, fade resistant, suitable for roads, column, identification of the warning zone and pipeline protection.

Third, packaging tape

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film as base material, special rubber-coated pressure sensitive adhesives made with easy to tear, adhesive is strong, good weather resistance, good tensile strength advantages, suitable for high-end, heavy package of sticky and fixed.

Four, the protection tape

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film as base material, special rubber-coated pressure sensitive adhesive made, easy to tear, no residue, good machinability, good stickers, applied to furniture, speaker, wood Board, shoes, color steel, aluminum alloy Windows and doors with surface protection, printing tape to prevent wear and reduce losses.