Ziplock Bag Is Not Easy To Use Under High Temperature

PC residual Bisphenol a in a Ziplock bag, higher temperature, releasing more speed more quickly. Therefore, not PC Ziplock bag containing high temperature objects so as not to increase the release of Bisphenol a and concentrations. If you have a PC Ziplock bag reduces risk in the following ways:

1, when heated.

2, no washing machine, dish washer.

3, do not let the Ziplock bag in the Sun was shining.

4, before first use, wash it with warm water and baking soda powder, natural drying at room temperature. Bisphenol a will for the first time and release when used for a long time more.

5 If bags have any hurt or damage, recommended to stop using, because if there are small grooves on the surface of plastic products, hides the bacteria.

6, to avoid repeated use of aging PC Ziplock bag.